Economical Panel Processing on the Highest Automation Level.

The wood materials market is changing rapidly. As the development of new materials generates new applications, designs, opportunities and markets, new processes are required to adapt to them. New, sensitive and textured surfaces require gentle handling, while more expensive materials require greater efficiency with less waste.

That’s why IMA Schelling is developing woodworking machinery designed to reshape the future of the wood materials industry. Our products — including automated panel saws, edgebanders, CNC routers with edgebanding capabilities as well as fully automated panel processing systems for batchsize 1 processing — are engineered to get the greatest performance out of both new innovations and time-proven materials. These improvements increase precision, productivity, operating comfort and reliability while keeping your production line in continuous operation.

IMA Schelling’s innovations help both the industry and its most demanding craftsmen prepare for the challenges of the future.

We also provide highly productive solutions for a wide range of industrial tasks, with woodworking automation that makes production processes ergonomic, safe, fast, and precise from the material feed to the finished part.

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