Cutting non-ferrous metals quickly, safely, accurately and cleanly.

Worldwide demand for non-ferrous metal components manufactured from aluminum, copper, and brass alloys is booming. At Schelling, our non-ferrous metal plate saws have been developed and manufactured specifically to make cutting these materials more efficient and manageable so our customers can keep up with the industry’s growing demands.

Schelling's non-ferrous plate saws combine decades of experience, advanced technology, and meticulously coordinated construction to produce solutions that meet the most exacting technical details. This rigorous development produces rugged machines that are uniquely engineered to deliver optimal cutting results while also withstanding the harsh conditions of everyday use.

Our plate saws for aluminum and non-ferrous metals are distinguished by their ergonomics, precision and fast feed rates that enable operators to be more productive and have a safer working environment. Schelling also backs the quality, performance and reliability of all our plate saws with solid construction, powerful frequency-controlled digital drives and virtually chip-free cutting made possible by the Schelling CLEAN-UP system and a multitude of other sophisticated features.


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