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Schelling fm8 metal plate saw



In the industrial sector, it takes sophisticated tools to cut aluminum and other non-ferrous metal materials precisely and productively. One such tool is the fm8, which performs consistently and reliably. Its 46.2 Hp (34kW) drive supplies the massive power required for these operations, and clever construction features ensure versatility.

Ideal for dealing with heavy raw materials and workpieces, the fm8’s plate-handling solutions, turntable and powerful air pressure cushion area greatly simplify the process of cutting to size.

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Outstanding Features

  • Closed pressure beam with integrated hold-down beam for high dimensional accuracy
  • Short cutting-cycle times due to automatic setting according to actual cutting length
  • Powerful, frequency-controlled 46.2 Hp (34kW) motor delivers exceptionally high cutting performance
  • 6” (150mm) book height
  • Operates 99.5% chip-free with the patented CLEAN-UP function
  • Simple plate handling of heavy duty plates due to the movement on the air tables system

Automatic Manipulation Device for Automation

Add a linear robotic system to any fm plate saw for fully automatic handling and cutting of full-size aluminum plates, intermediate strips, and finished parts. Gentle handling of materials, efficiency, and quality are assured.


  • Air-cushioned surfaces for gentle handling of materials
  • Finished parts and large remnants are discharged on roller conveyors for removal by crane
  • Production planning and optimization to maximize yield
  • Automatic adjustment of cutting parameters for the material type and thickness

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