Cut and protect plastic and composite materials with adaptive new technology.

The unique material characteristics of plastics, acrylic glass, composites and other innovative new materials require more precise treatment and handling than traditional materials like wood and metal. Working with the materials takes experience, know-how and developing a feel for how each of these materials performs and handles to avoid damage, waste and downtime.Ā For example, cutting speeds and feed rates must be accurately estimated and measured in order to protect sensitive surfaces, eliminate chips as completely as possible, and prevent damage to these valuable materials.

Thatā€™s why Schelling incorporates in-depth knowledge and exceptional skill into the engineering of our panel saws for cutting plastics and composites.Ā The solid construction of our CLEAN-UP and dust-protection systems delivers the high-precision performance in a user-friendly operating environment that these material require.Ā Our panel saws contain high-precision, frequency-controlled digital drives that allow you to select from variable and adjustable saw blade speeds, which are vital to working with a wide variety of plastic and composite materials.

The intelligent plate handling, practical details and powerful drives built into Schelling plastic and composite panel saws also reduce primary and secondary run times and processing cycles to help maximize productivity while cutting plastics and composites.

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