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Schelling fk8 Plastic and Composite Panel Saw

fk8 Plastic and Composite Panel Saw


Industrial production requires reliable performance, and Schelling’s fk8 delivers. With this saw, you can cut various plastics — productively and precisely. The optional, integrated turning device in front of the saw ensures productivity gains of approximately 15%.

The fk8’s CLEAN-UP system offers efficient chip removal while its dust protection equipment adds cleanliness.

Solid construction and a 45.6 Hp (37 kW) drive form the basis for this modern machine concept.

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Outstanding Features

  • 45.6 Hp (37 kW) motor output for all cutting requirements
  • Highly precise measurement
  • Solid machine construction for vibration-free cuts
  • Cut to 6” (150mm) maximum material thickness
  • 99.5% chip-free
  • Short cycle times for high material throughput

Woodworking | Metalworking/Plastics | Material Handling

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