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Batch Size One processing is affordable and attainable for mid-sized shops with the RTS P-One Intelligent Edgebanding Cell. The system is driven by IMA’s user-friendly and flexible IPC.NET system. A fully-automated changeover reduces production time significantly. The mechanical genius of the RTS P-One is the powerful IMA Novimat Compact 3 edgebander synced with a Barbaric RTS conveyor specifically built for edgebanding systems. Run up to 10 parts a minute and cut necessary manpower in half with the RTS P-One Intelligent Edgebanding System!

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edgebander with return conveyor  Advantages:

  • Easy one-person operation through automation of essential functions
  • Designed for industrial use and specifically for jointing, edgebanding and fine-finishing of edgings
  • Fully automated change over by process automation package
  • IPC.NET data management software for automated processing
  • Limited downtime for material movement
  • Automatic de-stacking or outfeed of finished parts onto commissioning carts
  • Simple Batch Size One edgebanding solution
  • Up to 50% increase in productivity over traditional edgebanding systems
edgebander with return conveyor


edgebander with return conveyor

edgebander with return conveyor IMA IPC.NET Intelligent Process Control.NETwork - the intuitive control software for Batch Size One production; computer automated and MES compatible

edgebander with return conveyor IMA EDGEBANDER A single-sided IMA Novimat Compact R3 edgebander with optional laser capabilities

edgebander with return conveyor BARBARIC RETURN SYSTEM A fully-automated Barbaric type RTS professional return system with program-based orientation of panel via rotating vacuum traverse gantry

edgebander with return conveyor BARBARIC CONVEYOR A handling system designed specifically for use in automated edgebanding systems

We will accept any make or model of edgebander to discount the pricing of the RTS P-One intelligent edgebanding system.

See the video to the right for a side-by-side comparison of traditional edgebanding vs. RTS P-One Intelligent Edgebanding Cell.
edgebander with return conveyor

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