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IMA’s edge banding machines perform highly professional edge processing on an industrial scale. IMA edgebanders handle all aspects of edge processing, with additional units for grooving or smoothing operations. Coiled materials can also be applied with glue such as EVA or PUR.

These compact industrial edgebanders deliver the highest quality edge processing in minimum floor space at a lower price, with flexible automation that guarantees consistent, reliable performance. Designed specifically for industrial jointing, edge-banding and fine finishing, IMA edgebanders are constructed with a solid, rigid, fabricated base frame and a double-joined, V-belt, electronically adjusted top-pressure track that optimizes and gently guides short components and sensitive surfaces.

The IMA edgebander’s panel support device can be positioned within the working width, with program-controlled feed speed and centralized lubrication of the feed chain. It also incorporates multi-profile technology with automatic profile change capabilities, a modern, 19-inch widescreen controlled by touch, keyboard or a mouse and optional jointless edge processing.


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