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Upgrade to the IMA Novimat Compact R3 for Next-Level Edgebanding

The all-new Novimat Compact R3 provides professional-quality edge processing on an industrial scale. The optional ZERO Diode Laser eliminates glue lines for optimally finished products and automates production lines, transforming it into a user-friendly, one-person operation.

Eliminate Glue Lines for Seamless Joint Edges

Unlike traditional laser edgebanding, the ZERO laser’s energy is focused on the edgebanding’s functional layer, which quickly melts and forms a permanent bond between the board and the surface application – the area known as the “zero glue line”. This highly efficient process produces an optimal edge finish, and parts are shipped right off the machine.

Increase Edgebanding Efficiency by 4x

The ZERO is 4x more efficient than comparable hot-air or infrared systems – energy is only consumed during the laser edge process. It requires no additional consumption of compressed air. This system upgrade also quickens production with feed speeds up to 25m per minute. The ZERO is easy to operate and requires no specialized laser experience. The program software automatically calculates laser demand.

Simplify Operations

This established laser technology is known for its easy operation. With the new ZERO laser system by IMA Schelling Group, the production day is started right after activating the edgebander. The diode laser requires no setup time, like heating glue or adjusting glue rates, nor does it need to go through a timely cleaning process.

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