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Versatile solutions for Batch Size One woodworking and edgebanding production.

Is your production line equipped for customization?
Today, customers desire unique products— creating the demand for complex, high-quality, custom products produced in smaller batches with shorter production cycles. IMA Schelling Group has the experience and machine configurations to provide you the flexibility and control to offer Batch Size One, or Lot Size One, processing without sacrificing productivity, speed, or quality.

We excel at building Batch Size One production cells.
IMA Schelling Group has decades of experience designing, engineering and implementing systems specially developed for Batch Size One woodworking and edgebanding production. Our highly sophisticated automation requires minimal personnel, sets new standards for flexibility and maximizes both economy and efficiency in Batch Size One production. Through our flexible customization process, complete processing on one machine substantially reduces your overall setup and machining times and can be managed exclusively by a single operator. We build systems combining the most advanced equipment, the latest technology and operator-friendly designs making Batch Size One production easily attainable.

We simplify the customization process involved in Batch Size One production.
IMA and Schelling software is proven in high-level enterprise production around the world, giving you powerful and precise process control to keep production lines running efficiently and data regarding projects at the operator’s fingertips.

To enhance speed and efficiencies, add automation to any IMA or Schelling machine.
Our highly-automated material-handling solutions increase productivity with less manpower, significantly reducing production time and making changeovers easy. These systems also make it easy to track custom parts with automated barcoding that provides vital data about every component you manufacture throughout all of the production process. By offering dependable quality and high-performance in a sophisticated production environment, these innovative systems enable you to produce Batch Size One projects in a highly profitable and competitive production environment.

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