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Modular and Customer-specific Production
Through our intelligent and modular product design we can assemble an individual and ideal solution for fast handling at the edgebander. Installation and start-up is quick and easy as all components come preassembled. In case of machine replacement or movement adjustments to our system are simple as well: only the portal construction is bolted to the ground, the other components are set up to be freestanding.

By integrating the RTS Professional into production lines, material flow and machine utilization are optimized. Versatile, customer-specific solutions can be realized.

Destacking Function
In a row there can be up to 12 stacking spots. Our special software also allows for multiple parts in one layer of a stack to maximize stacking efficiency. Adjustment of the stacking configuration including the addition and removal of loading and unloading stacks can easily be done by the machine operator.

Dual Mode
Our machine also features "dual mode“ in which the machine picks up two parts at simultaneously to maximize throughput. The operator decides if the parts should be stacked or returned.

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • gentle manipulation, through vacuum suction technology, no more material damages
  • flexible in the part size
  • adaptation to the space conditions
  • reduced personnel costs
  • simplification and alleviation of production processes
  • higher machine utilization
  • highest flexibility in the production process
  • connectable with edgebanders of all manufacturers
  • retrofitting with existing edgebanders possible
  • self-programmable and flexibly expandable stacking spots
  • payback times of less than one year
  • fully automated handling of parts
  • 90° / 180° turning function
  • installation time approx. one week

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