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By integrating the RTS Industrial into production lines, material flow and machine utilization are optimized. Versatile, customer-specific solutions can be realized. This return system comes with a stacking option via 2 axes and a carrying capacity of 120kg.

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Barbaric RTS Industrial Return System for Material Handling

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • gentle manipulation through vacuum suction technology and no more material damages
  • flexible in the part size
  • adaptation to the space conditions
  • reduced personnel costs
  • simplification and alleviation of production processes
  • higher machine utilization
  • highest flexibility in the production process
  • connectable with edgebanders of all manufacturers
  • retrofitting with existing edgebanders possible
  • self-programmable and flexibly expandable stacking spots
  • payback times of less than one year
  • fully automated handling of parts

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