Manufacturing Flexibility in Compact Spaces.

The PBX buffer storage and sorting device assures a constant flow of parts in the production. When timing processing order of individual machines, the interim storage of parts is invaluable to optimizing production efficiencies especially in offsetting bottlenecks during different production phases.

Designs Available.

  • One-sided version with a single XYZ manipulator
  • Two-sided design with two XYZ manipulators
  • Versions with various conveyor systems in the surrounding area of the buffer

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Outstanding Features

  • Flexibility of production
  • Individual and instantaneous access to all parts at all times
  • Increase of productivity
  • Optimization of personnel costs
  • Continuous material flow at the edge bander
  • Grouping of parts for individual orders
  • Reintroduction of panels in a controlled sequence for downstream assembly or packaging in conjunction with Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
  • Cushioning of different processing times on individual machines
  • Safety buffer
  • Parts tracking and visualization
  • 393.7 square feet (120 m²) storage area in a small space
  • Cycle times of up to 6 parts/min.
  • Max. panel size 110” x 76” (2,800 x1,950 mm)
  • Each drawer is individually driven, enabling overlapping opening and closing processes

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