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IMA Schelling sells both Austrian-made Barbaric automated material-handling machines and its own Schelling storage and retrieval systems for the woodworking, plastics, composites and metalworking industries. 

The Barbaric material-handling machines carried by IMA Schelling are ergonomic, durable, automatic space-saving systems that deliver high profitability and short payback times with special attention to speed, design and durability. These automated material-handling machines utilize a vacuum-suction technology that gently manipulate materials to help prevent material damage and provide greater flexibility in part sizes. IMA Schelling offers several different models of Barbaric material-handling machines that also give you the ability to connect to edgebanders from any manufacturer, retrofit with existing edgebanders and establish a flexible, expandable stacking area.

IMA Schelling also offers Schelling and Barbaric area storage systems that gently manipulate materials to optimize material flow without damaging the panels during transport. Like the Barbaric material-handling machines, these storage and retrieval systems optimize space, reduce personnel expenses and simplify and alleviate problems with production processes. By providing higher capacity utilization of your manufacturing machines, these systems deliver greater flexibility in production processes with shorter payback times. IMA Schelling offers several different models of area storage systems that provide the best possible utilization of material manufacturing machine capacities, fully automated panel handling, integrated warehouse management and high transportation services that significantly increase productivity.

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