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IMA Schelling Group Alliance for Integrated Systems (A4IS) Partner C.R.Onsrud takes AWFS Award

C.R. Onsrud says the wood industry stood up and took notice when the Visionary Awards were handed out at the 2017 AWFS Fair show last month. C.R. Onsrud claimed the Industry 4.0 category win with Osync Machine Analytics 2.0, an open-architecture software that gathers operational data from machines in the field.

2017 marked the first time an award was given away in this category, and the C.R. Onsrud development team says it is proud to have this achievement recognized by the whole industry.

“It justifies the hard work and foresight everyone has brought to this project” stated Rich Guerin, head of the company’s control and interface department. “When we first released Osync version 1.0 at IWF in 2016, it was a robust tool which would bring a great deal of value to our CNC customers - now we’ve expanded the capabilities significantly... and will continue to do so.”

The company went through beta-testing with several key customers before the initial release to the public, and Version 2.0 takes this software to a new level. Production managers now have a customizable interface providing both real-time and archived data about machine stability and performance. It’s smart-technology managing big-data to streamline and improve the manufacturing process.

“Osync Machine Analytics is not simply a monitoring software – we’re collecting machine performance data and using complex algorithms to offer predictive analytics,” stated Jeff Onsrud, who played the key development role in the technology. Jeff Onsrud's development role on Osync was cited in his win of the 2017 Wood Industry 40 Under 40 Award at AWFS Fair on July 18.

“There are several other companies working to introduce their own monitoring programs, but most are still conceptual and limited to basic monitoring features at this point, Osync has been functional for over two years, and takes it to the next level with our predictive analytics.”

During AWFS, the open-architecture platform monitored the machinery in the Onsrud booth – as well as the machinery of new strategic partner, the IMA Schelling Group. The third partner in this alliance, Eurosoft, integrates Osync into workflow software so end-users realize even greater functionality in terms of predictive capabilities.

The three companies - known for their innovation and high-performance products - have formed the Alliance for Integrated Systems (A4IS), and are excited about the collaboration already being realized through this alliance and believe manufacturing facilities will benefit greatly from the valuable information the award-winning Osync 2.0 extracts from the complete work-cell solutions they are configuring.

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